Back again and scared(Dark/Open)
Dec 22, 2018 2:34:10 GMT
Upon entering Windclan's camp clearing you'll find yourself in an open space of soft ground that's covered with gains of sand and soft grows tufts. The camp is protected from winds and most predators with the help of the crevice it is located within.
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A tall slender slabbed rock sits on the far right of Windclan's camp. Here Windclan's leader's and deputies announce border patrol's and ceremonies to the clan.
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Nov 17, 2018 20:23:59 GMT
The leader doesn't usually sleep here on a regular consistent basis. Instead, they sleep outside under the stars with the rest of their clan in comfort of their ancestors watching them. However, in place of bad weather, they'll retreat here. When important private conversations need to be held they'll be held here as well.
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Like the rest of the clan, warriors sleep under the stars in the camps clearing where they feel the most settled being watched by their ancestors. However, in case of bad weather, they have this abandoned badger's den to retreat to.
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Apprentices are generally encouraged to sleep under the stars with the rest of the clan, however, in case of bad weather the apprentice den is built.
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Retired warriors that believe they cannot provide for their Clan as good as they used too, so they retire. Or a young warrior who is seriously injured and is not able to do the things a warrior needs to do. On one side of the nursery tucked into a corner of the camp, sits the elder's den made out of an enlarged rabbits den. While elder's are still welcomed to sleep under the star's the den is provided in case they wish to take cover from bad weather.
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Tipsy in a Bad Way (Melon/Cloud)
Oct 31, 2018 0:31:51 GMT
Sick, wounded, or in pain? Come here then where the medicine cat can give you a look over and give you a cure, ointment, paste, seeds, etc to help you feel better. The Medicine cat's den is next to the nursery and near the elder's den on the other side of the camp, farthest from the entrance. The medicine cats den is a large abandoned fox den, spacious for the wounded and sick and for storage for herbs.
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The nursery is the safest place for kits and nursing queens. Kits stay in the nursery until their 6 moons old, then they will have their assigned mentors and apprentice ceremony. Unlike the rest of the clan kits and queens stay hidden undergrown from raptors above and are protected from any weather 24/7.
Dec 6, 2018 23:44:59 GMT

Windclan Camp

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